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Why is it that some companies are successful in the Global markets while others are striving for survival? From a strategic perspective, one of the factors which explain their success is: Resources Enhancement. Resources are tangible/intangible assets that successful companies need to gain competitive advantage. Unfortunately, due to their size or/and their financial limitations, most companies may not be able to leverage the key resources they need to be competitive in the global markets. To compensate this lack, they must find a strategic partner to help them integrate the right network with the right resources. Now, why does HTrade Group constitute the most reliable Trade Partner?

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Our Green Project

People, Planet, and Profit are the bottom line of HTrade Group. We believe that our social responsibility practices play a major role in our sustainable financial growth. HTrade Group does not see CSR as a tool for public relations. Our approach of PPP is rather an integration of Ethics, Environmental protection/preservation, and Humanitarism into our daily operations. In fact, we do not 'Go Green'; we were born Green!

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Our CRM already includes everything that you need to scale operations! Start out with email marketing, sales, quotes and invoices. It extends beyond traditional CRM boundaries by offering complete sales cycle management, seamlessly integrating pre-sales and post-sales activities by linking inventory management functions (from products and price books to vendors, sales quotes, purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices) with CRM modules (leads, accounts & contacts, and opportunities).

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HTrde E-Learning

Knowledge is one of the most important resources companies need to be successful in the gloabal markets. As Exporters/Manufacturers need to master skills such as Marketing, Global Strategy Management, Business Research Methods, and Managerial Finance (besides their technical skills); Importers also need human resources who are familiar with these subjects. Nowadays, since business related courses are very expensive; HTrade Group is implementing a free e-learning system to support its Partners.

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Management Consulting

Most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing a lack of human resources. They have great ideas; but do not have enough financial resources to hire the right competencies. HTrade Group feels concerned about this issue and therefore is offering an outstanding management consulting service to its partners. Not only does HTrade Group provide SMEs with advice on global strategic planning, marketing, and customer relationship management; but also does it equip them with IT tools to help them penetrate the international market.

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We Trade Beyond Borders!